MMS not working on FP4, Orange belgium

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I can’t get the MMS to work on my FP4. Bought it from my operator, Orange, the MMS APN was preconfigured, i checked the config online on their website, seems to match, last resort, I called them, they said the phone wasn’t compatible with MMS because their website did not have the configuration page, which is a bit lazy on their side.

Anyone from Belgium with Orange has working MMS?


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Just Wondering: is there any use case for MMS? They cost money, and you can do everything with RCS / Signal / WhatsApp for free.

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Thanks for your answer.

Well of course there are alternatives, but not everyone has a smartphone, RCS (iPhones for instance, or people wanting to avoid google messages), or Whatsapp (some got away because of privacy concerns), or Signal (which is a bit less popular). In Belgium, MMS are free, and until a real standard emerges like RCS but compatible with all devices, and not tied to the google messages app, some people still use MMS. I still need to send or receive MMS from time to time.



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From what I can see on their website, you should have a separate APN for MMS with the following values:
Name MMS
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 8080
MCC 206
MNC 10
Authentication type PAP
APN type mms

All other values empty.


Well for whatever reason, deleting the APN and creating a new one with the values you gave me did the trick, even if the previous APN had all the same values.

Problem solved thanks a lot!

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Merci à Vieux Routard, qui m’a permis de résoudre également le problème. En fait, il y a une erreur d’encodage au niveau du Proxy MMS dans les téléphones achetés chez Orange Belgique, notamment : le premier nombre qui apparaît est 213, alors que ce devrait être 212, comme l’indique Vieux Routard. J’ai simplement modifié ce chiffre et puis enregistré la modification en touchant les 3 petits points puis “enregistrer”.
Espérant que cela sera utile à quelqu’un…
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