Missing some features in the stock experience

Just got my FP5 - switching from a Google Pixel.

I am lacking 2 things in the stock launcher:

  • When I open app drawer, I want the search to be focused right away\keyboard opened. On my Pixel the option was called “Search your phone > Always show keyboard when swiping up on your home screen”.

I tried some alternative launchers (Microsoft, Nova, Action Launcher), none of them have this feature. Is there a way? If possible I also want to retain the google news feed when swiping right

  • Proper search in the settings from outside the settings. When I install other launchers (e.g. Microsoft Launcher) or searches (app “Pixel Search”), it can’t find stuff in settings. It looks like Settings search exists there (it finds something as i type), but it’s as if the fairphone settings are incorrectly indexed

For example I want to find “vibration” - as I type “vi” i see some settings, e.g. “device & app notifications”. But when I type the “b” (“vib”), nothing is found. However if i type sound - I find “Sound” settings, which are actually called *Sound & vibration". Looks like a bug. Anyone can confirm\know a fix? I tried changing the display language to 2 other languages that I know, and the search wouldn’t find any setting at all in those languages (only in English…)

  1. in Nova found it, you must enable 2 options under “App drawer”
  • Search bar placement = Top
  • Show keyboard = Enable
  1. Same result in Nova (AppDrawer Search with enabled Shortcut search with or without enabled Sesame integration) find Settings:Sound but no Vib…

EDIT: +2) same in direct launched Sesame app

Actually solved #1 by installing “Lawnchair” launcher. It isn’t present in Google Play (only some incompatible version?) - I had to install it from the website.

#2 - is it worth reporting to support? Can we get some more confirmations, so that I could link the topic to the support.

The Pixels are not phones with a pure Android but use the Pixel experience. So you ask for a new feature but what you define as missing is maybe not in AOSP by default.

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