Missing screws please help!

To support fairphone spare parts supply chain, I bought the phone in separate module as a kit to build myself (and because I can 3D print my case at my Fablab and save 30 €.)
But ouch it hurts ! I DIDN’T GET THE SCREWS !!! Oh my god please help me. I wasn’t expecting this.
Where can I buy those ? I tried to get some from an old phone, but there where to short.
Are those screws ok ?

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Those are a bit short. See my own and even more important @susi1’s following reply here:

Wahou :grinning:, we get a response in 7 minutes here ! Great !!!
I am a bit disappointed to not find theses screws, what a shame for me…

¨Give me a link to buy theses screws.
Is this good ? http://minischrauben.com/linsenschrauben-m-1-4-x-5-ve10--36712.html ?

For the moment the best deal I can find :

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For FP2, right? How many screws do you need? Or did you order them already?

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Yes, for FP2 ! I bought some ! Thanks, I also created this:
Ebay.com - FairphoneScrews

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