Missing GravityBox on Lineage OS

I’m using LineageOS since several weeks now and I can say it works pretty well, not better than FPOpen OS, thought. I would say that power consumption is similar.

I badly miss GravityBox, there are so many tweaks! The only advantage I see with LineageOS is that I can hide root when using my bank app (BCGE - CrontoSign) with iSU. I was not able to use this app under FPOpen OS with RootCloak. This is the only thing which refrain me from returning to FPOpen OS.

Which tweaks do you miss the most?

Gravitybox is available! I use magisk with the systemless xposed and then install the gravitybox for n

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@AnotherElk: Mainly tweaks related to the Status bar like Battery indicator which fits my aging eyes, Data traffic indicator.
And also more volume steps in music.

@5t0rmr1d3r: Really! Will try this, thanks for the info!

I’ve not tried it, but Xposed for Android 7 was released a few weeks ago, so you should be able to install Gravitybox on Lineage OS :


It may be still buggy so I’d recommand making a backup before installing it


Thanks @Tomtom, I encountered one glitch or two but other than that, it’s working fine.

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