Missing all kinds of features using A11 since FP3

I am missing all kind of features on my Fairphone 4 compared to my Fairphone 3

  • not able to make easy screenshots with 1 touch of a button
  • no notification lights available for received messages
  • no external insight in seing if the phone is charged (FP3 has a red, orange, yellow, green light that indicated the status of charching)
  • Not able to make normal selfies (without mirrored texts ) On FP3 this was possible by using an interval (2 or 5 seconds)

You will be better off searching the forum and joining discussions about the individual issues


For screenshot see the following topic and search that ~ you find a dozen or more posts on that issue


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I really don’t know. It was an issue also with the FP3+,but that was solved after sometime.

If that is the only question, explain your procedure and start a new topic or remove all the other issues which have been/resolved as mentioned and use this one to explain your problem

If you have more than one problem, search for each and then create a new topic before you create another if you cannot find one that is similar or the same etc.

Download to the phone, where do you download from, that is the issue, there is no problem ‘importing’ 100 photos at a time from a PC for example.

Isn’t this a setting in the camera app? Uncheck “Display images as previewed” or whatever it says in English

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Well my phone is in Dutch :wink: But can’t find this option in the camera settings. So I have to wait until Android 12 is installed.

You mean this setting isn’t showing for you? :thinking:

No it wasnt/isnt under FPOS A 11…

Thats discussed here

So I’m not sure what you mean with this, the way to take a Screenshot is the same on FP3 and FP4 with FPOS A11. And will change with FPOS A12 on the FP4, however you dont have it yet.

I’m 100% certain it was there for me on A11 just a few weeks ago. I even remember flipping the setting to try it out.

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