Android 12 has come to the FP4

@Yasen_Tomov @FrancescoSalvatore Any statement about the missing one-handed mode?

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And now it’s completed. Just as fast as a typical monthly update. Nothing odd to report, but if something comes up I’ll post here again.

Good luck everyone!

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The quality of Pixel releases are high, maybe even the highest in the Android segment. I don’t want to complain too much about FP, so I won’t compare them here :nerd_face: Let’s keep it positive here.

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Hi, update went smooth without problems (Germany, T-Online). One-hand mode seems to be missing. Selfie-mirroring can now switched on/off.

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No One-Handed-Mode, no (Scrolling-)Screenshot. No screenshots at all? No settinng for “Material and You”. No Quick-Tab (mayby pixel only).

I am not sure wether “Material and You” does work. I use the nova launcher.

It is a little bit disappointing. :frowning:

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screenshots can be made by tapping on the App-Icon above the minimized window


One handed mode should definitely be in AOSP, I’ve had it in Calyx for almost a year now, and you can’t get more vanilla AOSP than that (apart from building your own ROM that is).

Weird. I can’t see it there. Only app info and split screen. But the good ol’ Volume Down + Power button still works.

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Ok, I answer this myself: Yes, I did:
Getting the boot image was a bit tricky. I rebooted the device with fastboot to the lineageos 20 recvoery, created and downloaded the boot image. The rest was just like the instructions to root the device (Install Magisk into the boot image, download and fastboot this image and install Magisk in the system.)

After all: It works! :smiley:

Any idea how in A12 you can set the size of the quick settings tiles?

Great to see that Android 12 is there.
Did anyone check whether the “speaker volume too loud during calls” issue has been fixed?
I will wait some days before updating to see everything runs smooth.

Unfortunately I can’t make a screenshot in this situation :grinning:, I use the 3-button mode, not gestures. I have App-Info, Splitscreen and Screenshot in the Menu of the App-Icon

Does anyone notice hiccups in animations? At first I thought, maybe some background processes are busy finishing the big update. But 2 hours later and several reboots and it’s still not smooth when scrolling through content such as the Google Feed or sometimes when switching through apps or scrolling through a website that loads content.


Yes, the animations also seemed a bit sluggish and slow to me. I think if you pull from top to view notifications, it now takes longer to actually get something you can read.


Selfie-mirroring is turned on by default, great!

Besides security and privacy, I am also happy with the reduced overhead of the OS.

" Faster, more efficient system performance - We reduced the CPU time needed for core system services by 22%, so devices will be faster and more responsive. We also improved Android’s power efficiency by reducing the use of big cores by the system server by 15% to help devices run longer before needing to charge."

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With the now ongoing conversations regarding lack of developer communication, couldn’t we have maybe monthly or bi-weekly posts from the development team about what’s being worked on and how development is going?

It would be nice to have a bit active communication with the community from the developers themselves


I agree one hundred procent. I think fixing the lack of communication should be a top priority for Fairphone this coming year.

Last time I suggested this I was attacked for “making demands” so we’ll see if history will repeat itself this time.


Other opinions are not an attack…overall I doubt that such freequent communication will ever happen and still I dont disagree it would be nice to have.

As this topic shows, information opens a can of worms for other complains/discussions etc so whatever they do, somehow something will always be wron,g not sufficient etc for someone…


On the other hand, no information doesn’t prevent those… :wink:

I, personally, agree, and I would think those complaints/discussions would be rather helpful for the dev team, it’s like having several dozen always-on beta testers to pinpoint problems, shortcomings and all that.
I, personally again, would rather welcome the input, if I wanted to deliver a as-close-to-perfect product as possible. Obviously if “good enough” is the goal, any input would only be annoying background noise. (As I said, just IMHO, my 2 cents worth and all that.)


Good Afternoon all,

Update received in the U.K. on The Phone Coop (EE network share)
Update went smoothly and without issue
Though I did do a factory reset afterward to have that Clean/Fresh start.

Have a great day all.

Also receive the update around 11.30 today, on Vodafone DE.

There seem to be quite a few features missing though? Like one handed mode, material you and scrolling screenshots…

Any info on whether these are on the way?