Missed call and sms sticker notifications

Hi all,

New to this forum ! Hope I’m posting in the right place. I’ve hunted around similar topics but not sure the problems found are the same we have.
My wife recently received her new FP2 and has noticed that there is no icon on the Call and Messages app when she has a missed called or SMS. I’m talking about the little number that appears (for example on the iPhone) at the top right corner of the Call and Messages apps. So the only way to know if someone has tried contacting her is to open the apps. Not very practical, especially considering the fact that the phone is used professionally.

I thought it might be an OS related difference, but a friend with a Samsung Galaxy (which i think also runs Android) does have these notifications.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I get a little symbol in the top left-hand corner and the little LED is flashing (green for SMS and white(?) for missed calls). (EDIT: just checked and it seems, the LED flashing does not happen for missed calls anymore (Marshmallow-update?)).
When swiping down from the top (even on a locked screen) you are shown as well, that there are missed calls or SMS waiting. Once the phone is unlocked, you can - after swiping down - go to the phone/SMS app by tapping the message, that gives you more information on the message/missed call.
That’s how it works for me at least.

EDIT: You can choose what information shows on the lock-screen:

Settings > Sound & notification > Notification - When device is locked

  • Show all notification content
  • Hiden sensitive notification content
  • Don’t show notifications at all

Maybe the last option is activated on your phone?

Hi BertG,

Thx for the reply.
My wife does get the same notifications as yours (top left corner and lock screen).
If that’s how the FP2 shows missed calls and SMS, then I guess she’ll just have to get used to it (switch made from iPhone). It was never a very important issue to her, just a question of habit.

Yes, that’s how Android normally shows notifications.
In order to get these badge notifications, you could install another launcher (see here) or maybe there is also an app that enables them.

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Well, I guess, that’s how Android does handle this issue. FP is my first smartphone, therefore I have nothing to compare it to and I have not found a way to change this setting (except that there are apps that let you set the colour and behaviour of the LED for various events).
I would expect, that there is quite a lot of stuff Android has slightly other solutions for than iOS.

Thx, already learned something new today.

Correct, a proper alternative launcher might do this for you. E-mail might need an App/Widget that offers displaying just the number of unread mails instead of the mails themselves.

SquareHome 2 launcher (emulating the notifications of Windows Mobile) + the Widget of K-9 Mail …
1 unread e-mail, 1 missed call, 1 unread SMS.
So it’s possible.

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