Missed alarm on FP2

Just got my 2nd fairphone a couple of weeks ago, and I’m pretty happy with it! Just one thing that really annoyed me: I nearly missed an appointment this morning because I’d powered off my phone before going to sleep, fully expecting I’d wake up to a ringing alarm clock, as with the FP1. Turns out that’s changed with the FP2 :angry: : see this FAQ: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/214627663-The-alarm-does-not-ring (apparently added yesterday)

May I suggest explicitly pointing this out to people who upgrade from a FP1? I’d have hated to miss something more important than this morning’s appointment because of such a silly upgrade glitch.

(I actually made an effort to check out information about the FP1->FP2 upgrade before I bought it, and I do think this particular item should not be buried in an obscure corner of the FAQ).

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Best, Onno

Waking up at a specific time is important

  • using only 1 electronic alarm device

= urgent need for a backup alarm clock :wink:

(… As electronic devices in general may fail at any most inconvenient time.)

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For me, the alarm clock function is one of the first things to check out before I rely on using it.

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