Mirror my Fairphone 3 to pc using usb

is there a way to mirror it to my pc by usb
been trying a fer bit of stuff but not a lot is working
note i just want it by usb only no need for coding

Please look at the following topics, I have also suggested to a moderator your query is moved to one of those, if it is appropriate, or if you find it is and this post could even be deleted.


for example

Alternatively you may also like to consider connecting via wifi

Yes, the linked topics should cover the question. I’ve reopened them in case you need to follow up for details.

Keeping this topic but locking it. That way it might show up in searches when the others don’t for certain search terms.


I’m not entirely convinced this is about screen mirroring until clarification.
We know this term here, but it’s not ubiquitous, I think. I don’t have a hard time seeing “mirror” being meant in the sense of copying/ syncing/ backing up data.


Did you ever try MyPhoneExplorer? I use this free software (to be installed on the phone via Playstore and on the Windows PC or notebook via the link above). It is as well great for synchronising between the phone and Outlook or Thunderbird.