Does Fairphone 3 support video-out over USB-C?

Hi all, I would like to connect an external monitor to my Fairphone 3, so I can easily do presentations at clients. I purchased this monitor (Waveshare 15.6 inch FHD Monitor), which claims to support Android, but when connecting the USB-C cable, nothing shows.

I am contacting support for the Waveshare-monitor, but I would also like to find out here if this use case is actually supported. I cannot find a whole lot of definitive information about it.

The FP3(+) has a USB-C port, but supports USB 2.0 over it only.


This might be the problem here. See for example this thread

Fairphone 3 - USB capabilities - Discuss / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

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Maybe these threads can help you as well:


Thanks for these suggestions! I will try to get hold of a Google Chromecast and connect it to the external monitor to see if i can cast wirelessly.

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So I tried this, and this works like a charm. I connect a Google Chromecast V3 to the external monitor and cast from FP3. When I add the USB-C cable between the two, this particular external monitor actually also supports touch.

This will do fine, for what I need.


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