Miracast / Screen Mirroring Experiences

Hi Fairphoners,

does anyone of you have experiences using the fairphone with a miracast dongle or display? I ordered an “measy a2w” a few days ago and wanted to know if there are any settings I need make? Are there are any known problems?
I also want to try to use it as “desktop replacement” maybe I can tweak the resolution a bit. I will report my experiences here as soon as I will get the hdmi dongle :slight_smile: - but I think it needs at least a week…



I received the HDMI dongle and it actually works quiet well! There is a little delay, but its acceptable. Its quite easy once I configured it with the ezcast app. After that I don’t need the app anymore and can just easely connect through the the “built in” function inside the android settings (share screen).

The only thing I want to change now is to play the audio through headphones instead of hdmi (because my hdmi-screen doesnt have audio out). Does anyone have an idea?