Miracast does not work

I have a FP4 e-OS (lineage_FP4-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211 1001.001 eng.root.20220123.032016 dev-keys) and try to connect to a MiraScreen-dongle EAN 6 970514 900001.
The TV is an DYON ENTER 40 PRO-X, 40" FULL HD
My MacBook Pro connects via Miracast without problems, my FP doesn’t.
After Pushing the Screen cast Icon the FP4 searches for devices. After a minute nothing happened and I touched “Settings”. Then after some seconds my WifiDisplay BF… is shown. It says "Wireless connection (WiDi).
After touching “Wfd Services is terminated repeatedly”. I choose “Close App”. An earlier trial revealed:The version of this Service is a 2.0
After some further connection trials “Connection is beeing made” and “WifiDisplay BF…” is shown with an animation of an icon in the lower left corner that seems to mean that some sort of casting happens.
A text in blue says “Disconnect connection”. Therefore I assume that a connection is established that could be disconnected.
Indeed on the screen instead of SSID and PSK now only the ID is shown in the headline.
There is a tiny Screencast-Icon on the upper edge of the display of my FP4, but it is filled red and: nothing is shown.
When I access a configuration page of the dongle I can set a resolution 1280x720_60P, 720x480_60P or 1920x1080_60P (I used the last one)
As a “mode” I can choose “game” or “video”. I choose “video”
EZAir-mode can set to “mirror only” or “mirror and stream” I tried both
"Compatible can be set to On or Off. I tried both
TV and dongle are about 1,5-2 m away from my FP4 - the same distance as before for the MacBook
Do I have to set the resolution of my FP4 somewhere (where?).
What else shall I do?

Same problem here. Somebody has an answer?

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