Miracast and simultanously stream like Youtube not possible

When my fairphone is connected via miracast to Fire TV and I start a Youtube video (wifi stream) the miracast wifi direct connection disconnects. It seems to be the same issue as some Xperia users posted here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2334377

Could someone or the Fairphone team help to fix this issue on Fairphone?

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Die you carefully read what the people in the thread, you posted, said? It seems that this is a limitation of Android versions before 4.3. As an update for the Fairphone is not to be expected, it seems that you cannot use this feature as you would like.

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Yes - but the problem is not an Android 4.2. issue. For the specific Xperia device Sony fixed it with Android 4.3. Miracast was introduced with Android 4.2 and the standard specification of Miracast includes up to 10 simultanously wifi connections. Therefore if it does not work the manufacturer implemented it incomplete.

Please see also

I hope that someone can provide a fix for it and the Fairphone does not have the hardware limitation which is mentioned in the above hyperlink.

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I doubt that FP has the resources to look at this right now (maybe after the job offers have been filled up).

Do you, @keesj, have anything to add?

@Frank1978 I have assigned your request to my more tech savvy colleagues, but like @Stefan said, it might take a while to answer you. So please be patient!

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