Minimalistic android launcher

This is how I found it

Fairphone 3 is not on the list of supported devices yet, but you can still sign up here:


Hatte mich schon gefragt, was aus Blloc geworden ist …

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My computer can barely display their incredibly graphics-heavy website, the homepage of which is over 9 MB and requires loading various scripts from eight different websites to function - curious how this fits into the idea of minimalism.


Good point. I’ve sent them a message we’ll see how they respond.

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Looks very interesting. Any plans from them for FP (2 and 3)?

@existentionaut while waiting for it, have a look on this one:

Perhaps you like it?

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Interesting, allows only 7 apps on home screen. But I would rather have an option of wallpapers.
It’s cool that you can rename the apps. I’ll give it a go anyway.

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In the vein of low-profile launchers, I recommend Lightning Launcher. While it has a default layout, it’s really a tool to design your own launcher. You’re not bound to pages or even the use of an app drawer. It can do portrait/landscape layouts, scrollable panels, scripts, gestures, and tons more. You can set it up as low-profile or full-featured as you want. It has a famously steep learning curve, but once you get into it you can never go back to a normal launcher.

It’s sadly proprietary and the full-featured version is paid, though I know from experience that the developer is quite responsive and helpful.


Last update June 2019 does not sound too promising to me.

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The way I see it there is nothing to update, it is so minimal it was probably written in one day. You mean security updates?

Development and beta testing are ongoing but in my experience the launcher has been bug free and full-featured. I guess updates will pop up as they’re needed - the constant-stream-of-updates model we’re used to these days isn’t always practical. Hell, I use some GNU tools that had their last updates in the nineties.


Well it works perfectly for me, so I’m biased. However I do dislike updates, I know google apps update frequently because they have to mine user data, especially if you have opted out from all of their “additional” services. But me personally I don’t care, I got nothing to hide, so to me at least half of those updates are just pointless.

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I found a similar simplistic launcher called ap15 and right now giving it a go. So far I like it better because the slim launcher had no quick access to apps and I could choose only between 7 apps.

I have just installed Ratio 3.2.3 on my FP2 after finally receiving an invite.


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