mil-std-810G certification of FP4

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What does the mil-std-810G certification of the FP4 mean? Does this indicate it is a shock-proof outdoor-phone designed to withstand a fall of 1,5m onto a concrete or other type of hard floor? The info-pages do not really clearly specify that. They do however specify the IP54 certification, which is completely clear and understandable, but the mil-std-810G spec is somewhat unclear.

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I’m surprised at that spec. I didn’t see it :thinking:

You may like to ask support at fair phone dotcom

Like you say it appears only to conform to the drop test not the whole Military Standard, the whole MIL spec would be wow!

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the passing of the drop test alone would be already a wow for me…

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It’s worth noting the spec page only says "Drop test according to MIL810G test standard ", not certified.

Also the method for MIL810G drop tests is odd…
26 drops must be performed, but it doesn’t give a required height. And anywhere from 1 to 5 separate devices may be used in the 26 drops. And the drop surface is plywood over concrete.

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Don’t do a test if you get the phone.
O oh!

I can’t even find the spec page (or a full download manual) on fairphone.com or on support.fairphone.com, only on 3rd party pages.

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It’s here: Fairphone 4 - Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. | Fairphone :slight_smile:
Just scroll down.
Though I misspoke, it’s not quite an actual spec page like a comprehensive datasheet or something…

As above the declared specs are, as below, the url is in the URL bar :slight_smile: