Migrating app data that is not from Google Play Store (Fdroid)

Hi all. I am currently switching from my old FP2 to an FP3+. I have successfully migrated most of my data using the set up wizard (Google Cloud Backup) and choosing the option that transferred everything via WiFi. That process transferred all Google Play Store Apps and data, but not those that I downloaded from FDroid and had stored locally (Calendar App, Notes, …). I cannot find information online on how to transfer the data of the Fdroid Apps. Shouldn’t they have been backed up as well, when I started the Google Back Up?

Any ideas how to migrate that data? I am not very tech savvy, so looking for the files in the old file system and trying to integrate them into the new file system would be a very tedious process for me that I don’t feel comfortable with.


The Calendar App normally only makes data visible, means the calendar data should def be backed up in your google account unless you choose another account instead of your google account when adding appointments act? So when you download the app again you should see your appointments when you choose the google account in the app

Do note that a lot of apps on F-Droid purposefully exclude themselves from Google’s backup framework, considering it a privacy risk.

I don’t know if Google’s backup solution lets you see which apps are or are not included, but you may want to look through the settings for the apps whose data you’re missing to see if there’s an “Export” option in settings somewhere to manually do a backup and restore.


sorry, I might have not written that clearly enough: it was a calendar app downloaded via F-droid, saved locally on my phone, not Google Calendar

Yes, the solution turned out to be to simply export the data, download the same app on the new phone, sent the data to myself via email that I had already reinstalled in my new phone, and then to import the data. So I wouldn’t have needed Google Backup after all :smiley:


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