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I have my new Fairphone 4 (yay!) and I am migrating from a work phone.
However, for some reason, the company I work for has disabled the Google backup service for security reasons. I don’t understand why: I made a ticket at the internal heldesk but they don’t have a good track record on these things…

Does anyone have any tips on how to migrate my apps + settings without Google Backup? I tried Samsung’s tool but it is rigged to only work on Samsung’s phones.
I bought a USB-C to USB-C cable (because I thought that might make the Samsung tool work) so that may help.

Can you set up a personal account on the phone. I don’t know about google back up as I also don’t subscribe to google.

However maybe a personal account will have it’s own option to back up unless your management has stopped all such options ?

I am logged in with my personal gmail account on the phone. Gmail, photos, everything works. It’s just that the Backup options in the settings are greyed out. I even installed Google One app and it said that the Backup function was restricted by my organization for security reasons.

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Obviously you should already have two porfiles (work and personal) - if you installed “personal apps” in your work profile because by mistake or you never created a private profile then you are stuck (and of course might already violated against your company compliance/security rules!)

Just as a starting point:

and for data share personal private:

Typically a work phone is given/managed and migrated by the company or the tools they provide.

To help you to undertand why you have limited access/no allowance to backup/restore settings: e.g. you have VPN settings to connect to your “work-network” or other apps with similiar functionalliy and/or sensitive company data - your companies security manager has classified this data as sensitive and therefore it should not be contained in google backup.

If it is also blocked to create a second e.g. private profile I would expect provate use is disallowed and I would just use the FP4 as the private phone.

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