Mightytext and FP2: messages not syncing

Might be a Mightytext issue, but here is what happens: messages typed in the online MightyText App (computer) are being sent and replied: however, I do not see my sent items in my SMS-program. Anyone have the same issue? I don’t seem to find a solution on the MT-pages,


I have the same issue. I’ve tried Textra, Hangouts, Messenger and Messaging. None of them syncs from the computer to the phone. I googled it and it has been a known issue, but apparently solved on other phones. At least when using Textra. That is why I tried Textra, but it turned out to not solve the problem, and the emojicons didn’t work.So I went back to the standard Messaging.

At least I am not alone. I have been talking with MT-support, alas to no avail; yet. If there is a solution, I’ll let you know.

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