microSD write / read speed

My FP3+ was extremely slow with an old 64 GB Samsung Evo microSD card, so I installed a SD Card Test app and found out the write speed was 20 MB/s and read speed was 70 MB/s. I thought it’s limited by the card itself, since it’s a couple of years old and bought a new microSD card which is certified to over 100 MB/s both read and write speed. Installed in the FP3+ I still only get 80 MB/s read speed and 30 MB/s write speed, which is not much more than which the old card. With a card reader on the computer the new card is much faster than that.

Was anyone else successful getting a faster microSD card to work at speeds it is capable of or is this a limitation by the card reader hardware of the FP3+ itself?

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