microSD-Card encryption

Hi there,
While the phone-internal storage seems to be encrypted by default (good!), I cannot find a way to encrypt the SD-card.
I read that it might only be possible if you secure your device with a <6 char password instead of a pin, but that didn’t change anything for me.
Any pointers?

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Not quite sure about this, but afaik this can only be achieved when formatting the SD card as internal memory (not portable anymore).


Exactly that is my intention, I’m aware that I lose portability with that. OTOH I also lose “steal-ability”, so that deal is fair :slight_smile:
Any idea about where I would find such a setting?

You may read though this post for some general information.
(but there is more to find here).
Which OS do you have in use?

I’m still on Marshmallow, but would assume the according settings should be somewhere in the settings->storage&USB menu.
I guess you already know that re-formatting the SD card is mandatory for this transformation.

As there was no option visible in the GUI, I looked into using adb. The following seems to have to have done the trick:

$ adb shell
FP3:/ $ sm list-disks
FP3:/ $ sm partition disk:179,64 private
FP3:/ $ sm list-disks
FP3:/ $

Then the SD-card becomes available as “internal storage” which should be encrypted (going to test this ASAP)

Hope this helps others as well.

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