Microphone super low while using whatsapp

When I use a video-call on whatsapp or Skype, my correspondents cannot hear me properly (like the volume is very low) When I call without the video, this doesn’t happen and the sound is correct.
Does anyone else met this issue? and found a solution? :wink:

I used to have this issue in Skype with my very first Fairphone OS last year in December. I just tested if that issue has re-appeared, but no, it’s fine with the current OS. Can you check if you have the latest version installed? It should be 17.09.3.

I noticed sometimes Whatsapp configures audio input from the wrong microphone (or maybe is something Android-related, I don’t know), long story short: try to speak using the top microphone (the one that should serve as noise reduction) instead of the bottom one.

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