Microphone socket clarification

There are many threads here about microphone problems.

Can somebody please update the specs page to state exactly which type of 3.5mm socket is on each model? There are many types of 3.5mm plug and they are not always compatible with every headset or microphone.

If you want Fairphone to change their website, you need to contact Fairphone. You won’t achieve that here in the forum.

However, most of the microphone issues discussed in this forum are most likely not about hardware, but about software/firmware.

With a bit more searching, I found a more specific article for the Fairphone 3 and some of it duplicated on another page. Those pages weren’t found by the search engine but they were found using the search tool on the site.

Nonetheless, looking at the range of issues in the forum, people have mentioned Apple products having a different impedance and other people have mentioned problems with the size/shape of the 3.5mm plugs on some headsets.

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