Microphone privacy

Hi, sorry if I’m being thick. I’m trying to switch off my microphone but can’t find the settings anywhere, I really have tried.
Also, would this affect call volume?
I’ve heard too many stories of people’s private conversations (not on the phone) leading directly to fb ads, it seems fairly clear they’re being listened to. I don’t have the fb app but have no idea who else could be snooping.

You might also consider removing mike permissions for your apps (settings->apps->settings wheel->app permissions->microphone permissions).


Thank you so much. I’ve disallowed the last 3 :slight_smile:
I’m still not clear if the phone is hackable via microphone when all apps aren’t allowed access.

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Then you might consider asking someone with a defective bottom module (where microphone is faulty) and use that one (and use a handset or hands-free talking for phone calls)…


There’s a thought. Thank you.


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