Microphone not working in certain apps

Hi, I’ve had a Fairphone 5 since just after their release, and have noticed that no sound is detected in certain apps, whilst there are no issues in others.

examples of what works: phone calls, google audio search
examples of what doesn’t work: gboard (default keyboard) voice typing, certain mic centric apps, such as “sound meter”, “watch accuracy meter”, tuning app: “gStrings”.

When the phone arrived I had no data transfer, but I fixed this by reattaching the USB-C socket.

No fault is detected using the code “*#*#2886#*#*

I’ve not had any response from a support ticket relating to this.

Did you check the permissions of the affected apps?

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Hello ekimai
I’ve had the exact same issue with my FP5, and it seems like it fixed itself after repeated use of the apps that requested microphone access, or reinstalling the app worked in the case of Duolingo for me.
It’s a bit odd that in your case it works with some apps but not with others, I’ll try to install the ones you mentioned and see if there is any issue

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Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

OK, I’d assumed that going into settings and checking was enough to validate that the microphone permission had been granted. It seems I was wrong.

I’ve managed to get most of the apps to work after various actions. A couple of apps started working when I toggled the microphone permission in the settings, while one app needed to have its storage reset before it re-requested the microphone permission and then worked.

What this means is that each app has been checking to see if it has the relevant permission, and the operating system has replied that it has, whilst somewhere internal to the OS the permission hasn’t been properly granted.

I’m pretty sure all the apps that didn’t work have been installed since I first commissioned the device, and I’m beginning to suspect that some permissions issue has been fixed in one of the OS updates since.

The only app I’ve not been able to fix is GBoard (google keyboard), which is pre-installed in the ROM and doesn’t seem to be fixed by either revoking/toggling permission settings or deleting the storage.

Just for a bit of background: I’m an Android developer (and have been for 14 years).

OK, I’ve now managed to get GBoard to work by removing the updates, forcing the permissions to be requested every time, and then reinstalling the updates.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I also uninstalled all the various languages I had installed except UK English.

For the keyboard: are you sure this is handled solely by Gboard? speech to text is a seperate keyboard in the settings, so is this properly setup? As long as this is not enabled and properly set-up I guess Gboard will not be able to use the mic or the mic is working and rather the language not recognized?

I’m pretty sure the permissions for GBoard itself were causing the problem as this was the only app I messed about with.

But you’re right, anyone else reading this thread will also need to check that speech-to-text is set up correctly.

Unfortunately your solution (clear storage and set/reset permissions) didn’t work for me using the Merlin app for birdsong recognition. It works on FP4 but not FP5 and using a different birdsong app. See [Microphone not working in certain apps]

Hmm. I’ve recently been having unrelated issues with the microphone audio quality when recording video. The sound quality is dreadful, and reading the forums seems to suggest that it’s caused by the audio codec used as it only responds to spoken audio frequencies.

Does the app give any acknowledgement that the mic is found and audio is being recieved?

It’s working now after today’s update!