Microphone not working correctly!

My microphone works intermittently, after a certain time which can be several hours or days it stops working. By restarting my phone it works again.

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Which phone with which software are you using?
How old is your phone?
Did you try to contact support already?

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FP3, No I have not contact the support at the moment

You might want to dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * to get access to a whole range of hardware tests. This can help to narrow down if it’s a software or hardware issue.


Still seeing this issue in October 2022, with a 3+

Is there any toolbox / diag app that diagnose and report problems directly ?

That would be a nice thing and would cut down on “human noise” on these reports and actually provide the needed information for debugging purposes.

Ah, there is something: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fairphone.hiccup.app
(hope this is the official developer - I can’t seem to find the reference on the fairphone page)

Luckily the restart helps, but these sort of glitches keep me from recommending the FAIRPHONE to people who’s main concern is not sustainability :frowning:

Hi and welcome to the forum

You say you are still seeing this issue but don’t say what the issue is and there are various help requests RE microphone.

  • The one before your post mentions a very old update:
  • The link you refer to is for the FP2 from 2018

If a restart helps you may want to try

  • Running in safe mode for a while to see if occurs as this disables many apps.
  • Check you don’t have Google access to the mics
  • You can also disable other know ‘disturbing’ apps maybe even Digital Wellbeing as of late.

Unsure what you mean as the main concern is ‘fair trade’ and with that in mind there is no alternative.

I wouldn’t recommend the phone to anyone who isn’t primarily focused on ‘fair trade’

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Thanks for the quick response, wow really impressive :open_mouth:

Yes my problem is, that at some point ( unknown exactly when ) I loose the microphone functionality. The curious part is that, for instance in WhatsApp, I can make a call but I cannot record a message, and after this occurs no other voice recording, note-taking app will work … hence restart / reboot to the rescue.

I will adjust my recommendation of the FAIRPHONE accordingly, putting more emphasis on the FAIR aspect only :+1:


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I moved your post to a more recent topic, as it seems, there are currently again some reports, another one in german sounding similar to yours here



Thank you for the post relocation :vulcan_salute:

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I was able to use the USSD code *#*#66#*#* to get more information about the firmware … but what I found kind of scares me …

A lot of nulls and exceptions also the “user” build number is also weird.

Will scan the forum for similar issues and bring back here, any relevant information I may encounter.


Many thanks Urs for your quickly response. When I do this test I have following message serveur error, please try later !!!

Maybe we have the same issue.

My mic Stops working after i use other apps to make calls over wifi.
For example Microsoft Teams or Whatsapp.
After i made a call with that the functionality of my mic is completely gone until i restart my Phone.

Its a Fairphone 3 aswell.

I found a workaround (no-restart) and posted it in the German forum here:

I don’t think it needs a translation, since the workaround is a step by step instruction via screenshots.


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