Microphone not recognized by apps -Duolingo first

I have a new FP4 for about one week. I have been using Duolingo for the last year to learn Portuguese. When I use this app on my mew FP4, the app cannot access the microphone. This means i can still use the app for reading and listening exercises, but I cannot perform speaking exercises.

I have allowed the app to use the microphone in permissions. Still, when I try to force the app to perform a speaking exercise, it asks me for permission to use the microphone. I interpret this as the app not recognizing the permission i gave it to use the microphone.

Is there anyone out there who has succeeded in using Duolingo on the FP4 including speaking exercises? Or anyone who has any ideas what to try?

Thank you.

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I’ve just tried it out and it’s perfectly working:

FP4 with FP4.TP20.C.087.20231122 installed.

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That’s great news, thank you for sharing that it worked for you. I think i have a different OS which i should have specified. My FP4 runs on e/OS/ 1.17-s-20231109350748-stable-FP4 .

Yes, different peace of cake… I might try it out on /e/OS too, but I’ve currently run out of hearts… :joy:

Btw.: are you using the pwa app on /e/OS or the full app?

Excellent question. I wasn’t sure what you meant at first, and I now see that there are two version on the App Lounge. I am using the full app. I am not familiar with the concepts behind the pwa apps, but a quick read tells me that the full app was fetched from the Google Play store using an API. On this operating system, which would have more functionality, the pwa or the full one? When installing apps on my phone, I think I have generally stayed away from the pwa apps because of missing ratings and privacy scores. That said, I see that Duolingo’s full app has a privacy score of 0/10!

I think in general PWAs might even be better regarding privacy than the full app (because they might be a bit limited in collecting data by “only” runnning based on browser modules).

Well, yes, I’m not too surprised…

Anyway, I’ve also tried it out. And I think I do have the same problem as you: when using Duolingo on a FPOS phone I can use the mike to speak phrases in. When using it on an /e/OS phone I can tap on the mike symbol but it just doesn’t process any spoken information.

In case I might find some spare time I will check if I’m able to find more information in an ADB debug.

I had the same issue on CalyxOS and finally managed to get it working a few days ago.

Duolingo uses Google’s TTS service for speech recognition, haven’t been able to get it to detect anything else.
You need to reboot the phone after installing it and manually give the Google TTS app microphone permissions because it doesn’t ask for them (I was missing that part).

Of course running Google speech recognition isn’t ideal so I have all that stuff relegated to the work profile and just turn that off after use, I can live with that.

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Yes, cool, this has also solved it in my case!

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