Microphone makes only a crackling noise in the beginning when recording

Good point.

Right now, one thing I can think of, is to find a helpful FP3 owner and try swapping modules, one-by-one. I fear this may be a fault with the core module, though.
Label all modules on removal so you can keep track of which module comes from which phone.

Is there a Fairphone angel in your area, @RastaTux ? If so, they may be able to help in some way.

One other thing you can try first, just on the “off chance”, but worth it none the less I think, would be to remove all the modules and give all internal contacts a good clean with cotton buds soaked in isopropanol or surgical-grade 90° alcohol. Allow all parts to dry 1h before reassembling.
Ifixit teardown here. You probably won’t need to go beyond step 7 for cleaning (and obviously no further for swapping).

Take care not to strip screws. Moderate tightening is sufficient.

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