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Hi guys So I have the FairPhone 2 and for a few months I was having issues with the front camera. The screen would fill with colourful lines when I tried to take a picture and other times I would get a notification to say that the device couldn’t connect to the camera. This issue seems to have fixed itself and only happens very rarely now. However, a new problem has presented itself. When I make or receive a phonecall the screen would freeze and go black until the phonecall ended and I could hear the other person but the person could not hear me. I have since updated the software to Android 7 and the freezing / black screen issue has went away but the audio problems haven’t. Does anyone have any advice on what steps I can take to fix this issue? Thank you

Yes, this seems like a problem of the microphone. Try to go to settings<maintenance<Checkup<Primary microphone/Secondary microphone. And test which of the two microphones might be faulty.

Primary microphone sits in the bottom module next to the charge port (little hole). The secondary microphone sits in the top module on the other side of the headphone jack (little hole). Primary microphone is used for phone calls, secondary microphone when you do phone calls on speaker.

To work around the problem you can do phone calls on speaker, if the primary microphone is not working. Or you use a headphone which has a microphone included.

If you identified which microphone is not working I suggest exchanging the specific module. Either buy one or if you still have warranty contact the Fairphone support

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