Microphone & ear speaker issues after upgrade to Android 10

After my install all of Android 10 to my fairphone3 I sometimes cannot get the phone to record my voice from the g keyboard whenI do voice to text no when I do voice notes.

Also at times it won’t let me hear when somebody is speaking to me on a phone call this happened several times with my wife and once with a colleague from work

What do I do

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I have exactly the same issue after upgrading to 10… I don’t know what to do

This was the time, I switched to e/OS with lawn chair 2. Running on e/OS for 5 days now, no issues so far.

To sidestep to e/is do I need a computers as my phone is the onlytech I own apart from a super old tablet I was given

Rik Boland

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I did it with the help of a Mac… I don’t know if it is possible without…

Yes, you need a computer. Install instructions are here … https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install (the “Installing a custom recovery” section is a temporary documentation error, doesn’t apply to the Fairphone 3 and is about to be removed).

Like to put it on or any Linux on a tablet but not sure if it this even possible

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