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Hi folks, I have a question about my microphone which all of a sudden doesn’t work properly anymore. I have a FP3 which did a great job so far, but all of a sudden people couldn’t understand me clearly when I spoke on the phone. only when activating the open speaker device, they could hear me better. I also noticed that the mic is broken when recording videos. The sound is blurry and very quite, almost not understandable. So I guess the mic must be broken. Would this be a warranty case or can I order a new part, knowing exactly which new part is needed or broken or should be replaced? What part would I need then? Thank you for your help!

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It would be considered under warranty if less than 2 years old. When was it purchased?

All FP3+ s are as they were launched in August 2020

Fairphone would ask you to do a few tests.

  • Dial *#*#66#*#* then Service tests > Test Single > Microphone
    Mic 1 is the bottom mic used in ‘normal calls’
    Mic 2 is the top used for hands free and WhatsApp etc.
  • If that works it’s a software issue so the next thing is you will be asked to do a safe mode start
  • Then a factory reset.

If none of the above works you can try replacing the bottom module

However if you have a #fairphoneangel near you they may be able to test the bottom module and maybe provide a new one too.

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I have a Fairphone 3+. For a long time people I call would complain about hearing these “electronic” noises in the background if I’m not on loudspeaker and hearing an echo when I go to loudspeaker. I checked by borrowing another phone and the echo is really strong unless I put the volume on my phone down all the way. I think the weird noises are also some kind of feedback because they only appear when the person on the other phone talks. The problem appeared both on a normal call and on whatsapp.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


Hi and welcom to the forum.

You haven’t provoide any details specific to your situation, which given that this is a rather isolated experience would seem essential :slight_smile:

There were a few reports of this early on with Android 10, me included.

  • what OS
  • what version
  • what network
  • using carrier or wi-fi
  • In hands free do you speak to the top of the phone as that is the mic used
  • have you tested the mics via dialling *#*#66#*#* then Service tests > Test Single > Microphone

Let’s see what Android 11 brings

  • The OS is Android 10.
  • The network is D1 in Germany.
  • I’ve had the problems both when I was on carrier and wifi.
  • In hands free I have my face a little away from the phone, so not into any mic specifically.
  • When I tested the mics, there was some crackling on mic 2, but not like the kind I desribed above
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