Microphone doesn't work while making calls

Hey there! Since few days I have a problem while calling somebody or getting phone calls. Sometimes the microphone doesn’t work. That’s really annoying cause I never know if it will work or not. Anybody got the same problems?

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If your Fairphone runs the latest Fairphone OS 1.9.3 (or Fairphone Open OS 16.11), you should find Checkup in Settings > Maintenance (Einstellungen > Wartung > Checkup). If the microphone test confirms your problem, you could open your Fairphone and carefully clean the bottom module. If your problems persist, contact Fairphone Support.


Thats, I tried it and the first 20 sek it doesn’t work and then suddenly works. So next I will try cleaning the microphone-modul

I’ve found that my microphone only works when loudspeaker is on… Strange, no? Although I do need to update the OS

There are two microphones in the Fairphone 2 (as in most other phones these days). Roughly speaking*, one is used during calls, and the other is used during conference calls and for recording audio on videos. There may be a hardware defect in your bottom module - this would only affect one of the microphones. Checkup may help diagnose this, or see below for manual instructions.

(*for noise cancelling the secondary microphone is used in parallel with the primary microphone)

More info:


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I am having the same problems. It used to be irregular but for several weeks it is constant. And it reboots whenever it wants. I can only use the loudspeaker when I get a call. I used to have another window pop up whenever I called someone, and now it reboots during calls.

Sounds like your bottom module, where the first mic sits, may be faulty.
Have a look at this:


You may also be able to check your mic with this:

In case your mic is dead, contact support for a replacement.

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