Microphone doesn't record sound as

Hey there,

I have an issue with my microphone from time to time. I have an FP3 and have updated the latest software.

When I use Whatsapp calls or Signal calls, no sound is recorded. The same with the microphone when I want to dictate some text in a notes app.

When I restart the phone, the issue is resolved for a while. But after a few hours it doesn’t work again.

What could be the reason?

I have tried

Settings > Privacy > Permission manger > Microphone

The settings are okay (allow when using the app).

I did

dialling ##66## > Service tests > Test single > Microphone

And the tests are okay, when the micro is working. But none of the microphones is recording sound when it is not working.

I try to avoid a factory reset.

I am looking forward to your answers.

There was a similar case here:

From which I took the ideas of what I can try.

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I am sure the microphones are not covered. I use my phone as regularly.

Sounds like some app is messing things up once it’s got going.

Could you try using Safe Mode? This sort of temporarily simulates a factory reset but without the pain.

If Safe Mode allows stable microphone functioning then I would advocate making an exhaustive list of apps that are allowed access to the mics, and remove their permissions - one by one so that you can find the culprit. I suppose you could also work the other way: withdraw permission for all apps and then gradually grant again.

To list all apps with mic permission,

  • go to Settings > Apps > See all apps
  • choose an app that you know has mic permission
  • tap “Permissions”
  • tap “Microphone” > See all apps with this permission.
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Thank you! Currently it’s working fine without doing anything. I will try out as soon as the microphone issue reoccurs and Keep you up to date.

I have the same problem every few weeks (not hours) but I don’t use the mic much and only notice it wasn’t recording when I e.g. play a video some days later and find out has no sound. BirdNET sometimes doesn’t hear anything but I notice that immediately from the empty audio track. Only solution I know is to restart the phone.