Microphone dead on FP2

Like all others the microphone on FP2 died. What can I do?

If all microphones in all your devices died (at the same time?) I’d search for the reason, before trying any fix.
But I guess the “like all others” means something else and just your FP2 microphone died. In that case you’ll need a new bottom module.


Thanks. How long does a microphone module work? Would buying a new phone be more eco?

Nobody can tell you how long any technical device will work. You have 2 years warranty on it, so that’s as long as it has to work or be replaced for free.



In the community I see quite a number of posts on the mike of the FP2. Is this a known problem of the FP2?

It is definitely one of the parts that breaks easily.

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OK. Besteld. Kijken of het daarna werkt.

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