Microphone bad sound

I have people complaining they can hardly hear me. If I test this with my voice mail I can only concur. Is there away to improve sound quality for the microphone?

Are you talking about phone calls (phone on ear) or voice messages (phone in front of you)?

The phone calls. Voice over LTE is on, so it should be insane good quality.

What are you testing by doing this. as it is not other people listening ??

Is it possible that you somehow cover the microphone, or that you are holding the phone in a way, the mic is "too far away’? My IPhone e.g. is extremly " sensitive " and I have to hold it in a specific angle to be heard

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Hey there, theking2! :grin:

First of all, please ensure that it’s not a hardware issue (e.g. defective microphone). If you haven’t got the Recorder app installed (it’s available on play store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.recorder&hl=en_US&gl=US), please install it and do a short voice test (~ two minutes). If you notice any voice shortages, the microphone might be defective and needs to be replaced. If you do not notice any voice shortages / volume peaks, your microphone should be alright. Another question - Does this “challenge” only occur on “normal” phone calls or does it also occur on phone calls through WhatsApp / Threema / Signal / …? Please report back to us as soon as you’ve finished your test with the Recorder app.

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Thanks, no recording seems to fine. Only phone calls are affected

Alright - This sounds like a software bug. @yvmuell just posted this hint on another topic :slight_smile:

Please try to clear the cache of the telephone app. If this does not fix that issue, you might have to clear as well the data - This won’t remove your contacts :wink: If that does not work as well, there might be a bug on the LTE network. Therefore, please try to set it to “2G / 3G” only and test it again. If you won’t have any voice troubles any more, there might be a bug on the LTE driver. Therefore we have to create a bug report to eliminate this annoying bug! :smiley:

Waiting again for your reply! Have a great day!
Best regards

I listen to the message play back.

Hi. It’s been a while since you referred to this.
Is this just a polite update or are you still having the same/similar problems.

I imagine you have the latest updates.

I note LTE doesn’t mean you will get good quality it’s a possibility of using 4G for that purpose. However if the 4G usage is poor, overloaded or weak then it can be a problem. Have you tried disabling VoLTE

I suppose the options are to test you mic using Wi-Fi and alternate locations where the 4G may be better.

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