Microphone apparently down

Everything was working fine so far. But now, people calling me do not hear my voice and my voice-to-text neither. What I find strange is that when I call someone, the “microphone” icon shows a strikethrough mike. Would there be any parameter that I could change somewhere and that would solve the problem ? Thank you.

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Did you check the microphone using the checkup function you find in the settings?

I’m having the same problem. The status check up showed no sound. The removal and reinstallation of module 1 had a temporary improvement, but it’s back to people not hearing me. I’ve sent off the photos to fairphone…

This is really annoying. Rosey is right and I have the same miserable experience.

I must say after some back and forward with Fairphone they sent me a new module and the microphone works fine now.
But now the camera isn’t working lol. :joy:


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