Microphone (and headset) doesn't work during phone/whatsapp/skype calls

I posted in this topic already, but haven’t gotten any replies, so I’m gonna try with a new post…

A few weeks ago my microphone stopped working correctly. At first it was just not working as good,
people had problems hearing me on the phone. But after a few days it stopped working completly. I had just taken my phone apart the day before the issue first showed up, to clean the sensor which switches the screen on and off during calls. At first everything was working fine, but since the problem appeared so soon after, I assumed it might be connected. So I took the phone apart again and checked if the microphone unit looked good and cleaned a little dust from it, but that didn’t solve the problem. I mailed the Fairphone Support 3 weeks ago and again a few days ago but still haven’t gotton any respons (not so happy about that!). Then for a few days my microphone was working again and stopped working again after ~3 days.

After checking the forum I finally decided to do a hardreset, to check if it might be a software issue. Right after I did that my microphone was working for half a phone call, it worked completly fine for ~30sec and then it was working bad (but working) for the rest of the call. Pretty weird, since it hadn’t worked in two weeks. Since then it hasn’t been working at all again. I assumed it was a hardware issue, but then I tried to call someone with a plugged in smartphone headset (which I am pretty sure is working, it did before on the same phone) and again they weren’t able to hear me, so I think it might not (only) be the microphone unit…

Does anyone have any further ideas on how to fix this and what might be wrong with this? Also is there a better way to get in contact with the Fairphone support then via email?

My phone is recording sound when I am taking videos, other people have reported this, from what I understand its because the camera app uses a secondary mic. Is there any way to use this mic a the primary mic for phone calls?

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Did you try to record sounds with the “voice recorder” app? How is the sound with this app?

The “voice recorder app” did not record anything, sound recording via video still works. Also I just found out today that people can hear me when I put then on speaker. Obviously this is not a longterm solution, but at least a can make important calls…

Hi @uberjack,

do you still have problems with your microphone?

Did you read that post:
Microphone not working anymore
Maybe there are hints to solve your problem.

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