Microg for lineageos too old?


Trying to get microG for lineageos working by following this guide but it fails when trying to install it from the (official) recovery image with the error message that the “Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp 1605501583 but package has timestamp 1605160636 and downgrade not allowed”.

And sure enough the download on lineage for microg is last updated 2020-11-12, and the oldest lineageos recovery image is from 2020-11-16. So what do I do now when apparently lineageos dont stash older builds?

microg also claims they update weekly but that doesn’t seem to go for the downloadable builds. is it possible to allow for downgrades or is this a bad idea?

thanks /Linus

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For migrating from LineageOS to LineageOS for microG please see https://lineage.microg.org/, Installation instructions - Migration from LineageOS.

cheers but I don’t have lineageOS installed, I’ve only flashed the recovery image. and I’m now trying to sideload the microg for lineageOS zip.

A new build was published yesterday so that resolved my original original problem.

Now though I get the an error:
“Error applying update: 26 (ErrorCode : : kDownloadMetadataSignatureMismatch)
E: Error in /sideload/package.zip (Status 1)”

Ive done a factory reset and system wipe in the lineageos recovery image but obviously it’s still not working, and I really don’t know why. I get a “signature verification failed, install anyway?” prompt which i then press yes on while sideloading but it fails quickly after with the previously mentioned error message.

Is it possible to use a TWRP recovery image? seems some people have had more success with it. Seems like fairphone doesn’t like it though but I don’t understand if this is regarding any twrp software or just installing it (ie would flashing the recovery image to sideload microg for lineageos be ok?)

thanks again

Ah, I misunderstood, sorry.

You could try.
Usually you would just boot TWRP on the Fairphone 3 with fastboot, though, you don’t need to install it (installing alters the boot partition, OSes seem to not like that when OTA updating, but I don’t know about LineageOS).

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What do you mean by "boot TWRP on the Fairphone 3 with fastboot, though, you don’t need to install it "? What I’ve done (following the aforementioned guide) with the microg linos recovery image is just run fastboot flash boot .img, is that what you’re talking about?

edit: nvm figured it out, simply used fastboot boot :^) got it working now using the twrp image thanks!


I AM HAPPY: the new FP3 has Lineage for microG on it now. I found your wiki: Used to the Fairphone 2? Don’t do these Fairphone 2 things on the Fairphone 3! and together with this entry here and having read for hours through Forum posts, I succeeded. After rebooting it presented an update by itself dated 20201210 and installed twice - that would be this a/b thing, I guess.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYBODY for your input! As it is the third Fairphone I am installing Lineage_microG on, I will send them an email asking for a possibility to donate, like they say on their website.

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I am on Android 9, running Lineage OS 16.0-20201210-microG-FP3. About to install Lineage OS 17.1-20210116-microG-FP3. Before that, one question: which Android Version? Still 9?

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