Micro-usb slot broken - new motherboard needed?

Hi. I found a service company in Finland who dared to open my Fairphone 1st edition. They replied: “We couldn’t find the matchable charger port as spare part, but if you can find it, we can do all the technical work”.

The problem (phone doesn’t charge) appeard after dropping the phone with charger attached. Question: Is it possible to order the suitable micro-usb slot/port, or do I need entire motherboard? As the work will cost 85€ I would appreciate saving in the spare part costs… Thanks!

I filed this from help into the repair category.

See this (but be careful, this might make your warranty void):

Has anyone had a similar problem with a FP2 still in warranty? Should I send it back? What would it cost?


@ArchiePie I replied here, please avoid posting the same issues in various threads.

@jannekilpinen This might be something for you:

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