Micro SD not usable for TWRP backup

Hi from Germany,

I want to install Android 7 as open source and have to make a backup before. This is what I wanted to do via TWRP but the micro SD card (64MD ScanDisc) is not choosable; It is shown but I can not tick the box.

Any ideas from your side how to do activate the micro SD for the backup? Or can I do it on the internal storage?

Thanks in advance.

Try to “Mount” the card first, there’s a button for that … here’s a guide (different device, but TWRP works the same).

And … last time I checked, TWRP doesn’t seem to support exFAT, so if the card is formatted in the exFAT filesystem, Android can use it just fine, but TWRP can’t.

Yes, you can do that (if there’s enough space left), afterwards you should copy the backup away from the phone anyway.
TWRP supports MTP, so you can just connect the phone via USB to a computer, and TWRP will show Internal Storage (and the SD card, if possible) for transferring files.


So now I`m curious. Lollipop formats external storage with Fat32. (Android 6 on LG G4 formats to exFat)
What is Android 6 doing on FP2 with external storage?
What does it do now with Android 7?

Afaik due to whatever reasons (license?) exFat is not used with FP2. But in this forum I could read that many new sd cards are formated with exfat. So I would conclude the user here did not format the sd card in the phone and simply used it after insertion and now having this problem.

Many times this is the problem though. :worried:

Not a big one, luckily.
Most probably you don’t totally clog the storage with obscure App data you can’t safely access, instead there will be pictures, videos, music, offline maps etc.

  • Move enough of this stuff to a computer (or to a USB stick via USB OTG) to free up space.
  • Make your backup.
  • Move the backup to a computer (or to a USB stick via USB OTG).
  • Move the stuff from before back to the phone.
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