Micro-SD capacity for Fairphone 2?

What capacity of micro-SD cards does the Fairphone 2 accept? My 160GB iPod Classic has died and am looking to replace it for music use.


Have a look here:

It should cause no problems using an SD card in the Fairphone 2 that exceeds your iPod Classic’s capacity. :slight_smile:


The technical specs don’t mention a limit, only “MicroSD Support: SDHC, SDXC, UHS”.

This support article mentions a limit of 64 GB, but in practice that doesn’t apply, I use 128 GB myself (with LineageOS) without problems so far. Have a look in the topic @urs_lesse linked to at what other users use, only some particular cards seem to generate problems.

Also …


256 GB SanDisk in my FP2 working wihtout any problem.


Is that the Ultra A1?

I have added it to the list of compatible cards (see above the postin by @urs_lesse ) . It’s the 100MB/s version:

SanDisk ULTRA micro SDXC UHS-I 256 GB (the up to 100 MB/s speed version) (SDSQAR-256G-GN6MA

Corrected the speed details.

I’m looking for a micro SD card that I can use to store many apps in it, for my music collection and also to record high quality videos. But obviously it is essential that it works 100% in my FP2 with Open OS, so I would appreciate the experience of other users of FP2 Open OS with similar card features.

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