Mic stops working switching from speaker phone

I have a mic problem, but only when I switch to speakerphone and back.
The mic works when switching to speaker phone. But If I want to switch back to regular phone or if I by mistake activated the speaker phone when calling/answering. I cant switch back. If I close the call again the mic works normal.

I got a new hardware module but it did not help. Any one have the same issue?

Hi there, I got the same issue on my FP2, the mic only works when I am on speakerphone mode, but it doesn’t when I’m on a ‘normal’ call.
Did you manage to solve the problem?


No the suggestion from support is to do a factory reset. I have not tried that yer. Maybe switch and test the open source OS instead.

If you can test a factory reset I would be super! :slight_smile:

Which will most surely also result in having a clean phone as after a factory reset. This must not necessarily solve the problem though.


I just switch to FP Open 16.10.0
And actually it fixed the problem. At least during the two calls I tested with just.

So a software glitch?

The phone is working much faster and better. But I guess that is just a matter of time.
We will see.

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Hei. I have exactly the same problem, it just started to occure. Did you find any solution? (I don’t want to change software)

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