Mic is not working - callers cannot hear me

Hello, I have a 2nd hand FP4. But now callers don’t hear me anymore. I tried the ## test and in the audio test at the mic part I don’t hear anything. When I fill in ‘fail’ the screen goes bnack out of the test. When I try the test ‘calling’ I end up in a call screen with ‘‘112’’ alarmnumber? I tested with another phone and indeed hear cracking sound throug my phone. How do I know for sure it’s the mic part and what part to order? I don’t see ‘mic’rophone’’ in the ordering list.

I have a FP3, but maybe this helps: Did you try use the loudspeaker? Did you try to use a headset? Did the other person hear you then?

If you can make a phone call with loudspeaker it could be that the module with the bottom mikrophone is broken.

The mics of the FP4 are not in any module that can be changed by the user

I dont get that what test calling? Did you reach the test menus or not? How did you test the mics, the FP4 has 3. Did you scratch on the respective hole and you didnt hear anything at all 3?

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The Fairphone 4 has 3 mics. It seems that the mic 1 (mouth, the bottom one) has some issues, because I’ve read a lot of people having problems in calls, but not on loudspeaker. I myself have had this issue. Sent it to the repair center and they changed the motherboard, which I think has the mic attatched. Unfortunately, I keep having issues. Callers can hear me, but with low quality, noise or crackling sounds. But whenever I put the call in loudspeaker, they hear me well, because the sound comes from various mics, not only the mic1.

As for your test, you could try to press “Pass” after mic1 test, to try and test the mic2 and mic3. That way, you could know which mics are not working, hopefully. There is no actual solution I think, but to change the motherboard. You will have to look probably where the mics are placed in order to know which parts to buy. But even with a new motherboard, it seems the FP4 sound on call is low quality.

Good luck!