Messaging multiple recipients

Hello! I’m using the basic messaging ap on my fp2 and it works fine when messaging a single recipient but if I put two addresses in the address bar the message won’t send. It just keeps listing as SENDING and won’t update. Any ideas would be great. I’m new to android and fp so appreciate it could be something simple I’ve missed.

Hi there, more or less the same here: in whatsapp I can send out messages to single persons, or to a group (once I’m added to a group). But I can’t create groups myself nor send out one message to multiple recipients. Looking forward to a helpful reply from someone!

Update: unticking the ‘privacy impact popup’ boxed fixed my problems

It seems that the message will be sent as MMS, and MMS isn’t working.

Group messages are normally converted to MMS. There might be an option in your Messenger app to switch this off, at least with some apps that’s possible.

If you don’t care to send the messages through expensive MMS, you’ll need to check why you can’t send MMS right now. Some providers don’t allow MMS over wifi, so switch to mobile data to see if the MMS is sent. If not, you’ll probably have to change your APN settings for MMS.