Messages gone after update

Hello - the promised Fairphone 1 Kitkat upgrade appeared on my phone 2 days ago - it all upgraded automatically. Now all my saved messages have disappeared, although all my photos are all there. How do I get all my text messages back please?

I am surprised about the possibility of the kitkat upgrade, as it is still in an alpha testing phase.
Also our FP1 updater app still shows 1.8.7 as the up to date software version.
(Well, I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I am trying to comprehend what could have happened)

What version does your phone say you have installed?

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I don’t haven an FP1, just an FP2. In the updater app there, we have an “Advanced User” mode which can be selected, but official updates come without the need for that. Is such a mode also availabe for the FP1 updater app? Might @Mandy_Briggs accidently have entered this mode?

@Trust There is an advanced mode, but I don’t think that the Kitkat alpha was pushed to the Fairphone Updater.

@Mandy_Briggs Please confirm your current OS version. Here is a guide on how to do it..

Hi all,

I’m really sorry - I think I got a bit confused in my first post. I received an email recently telling me an upgrade was coming but it’s obviously not the Kitkat one.

My current OS is Kola Nut 1.8.5.

An update definitely took place on my phone on Friday evening but now the Updater says I need to update to 1.8.7. Every time I try to do this it refuses to work.

There is a sign underneath this message saying ‘enter advanced mode’ so I don’t know if this all happened by mistake?

sorry, i’m a bit of a beginner with phone tech.

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