Message tone = ringtone, although adjusted otherwise

Hello everybody!

I’ve got the following problem:

I have chosen a special ringtone for the members of my family. When I receive a WhatsApp message from one of them the ringtone is the same as the one for an incoming phone call. However, it should be otherwise, as I appointed another sound for an incoming message. It seems as if the settings concerning the ringtones would override the settings for the message tones.
Does anybody know how to solve this? I would like to have different sounds for phone calls and message tones…
Thanks for every hint!

Greetings, Jessica

In which menu and/or program did you chose the the notification sound?

On a first glance, this sounds like a WhatsApp problem. Can you set a specific sound for users (or user groups) there?

I had the same problem.
Under Whatspp settings, go under notify section and deselect “ringtone for contact” (traduction from italian, I don’t know the item for english version).

Oh dear, this is so embarassing, I just didn’t check the WhatsApp configuration… There I had assigned the ringtone as messaging tone by mistake…
Thanks for your answers! :wink:

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Glad to hear you sorted - but no need to be embarrassed :smile:

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