Memory upgrade for fp2? As Instagram crashes

Is it physically possible to upgrade the memory without a whole motherboard change? My fp2 kept crashing on lots of apps, including what’s app. it got better when I shut down lots of tabs on chrome/Firefox and had a cache clean up and upgraded to new OS. But Instagram upload of multiple photos crashes (even with the latest OS update I did last week)

soooo can I get more memory for the FP2? I think lots of apps will need more memory in the coming future, so it would be useful!

Nope, impossible. Fairphone contains a Sandisk DRAM+eMMC (in a single package) soldered to the board. All you can do is extend your storage a bit with an external SD card, but DRAM can’t be extended.


I think quite different.
I wonder if other smartphones with an equal amount of ram running the same OS are also limited to only operating reliable (without any crashes) for phoning and to boot/shutdown.
I have serious doubts such crashes are the result of having only 2GB of ram although it may look like. Up to now I could not get my FP2 into any situation crashing due to too many apps active or multible browsers with several tabs opened (~20). Even with Osmand + Navmii both running simultaneously was no chance to provoke any crash or running out of ram.
Maybe some users believe using more resources is the cure, but even Microsoft had to learn this hard lesson that having ridiculously much more ram than only 640Kb won’t prevent any BSOD (blue screen of death) situation.
So at last they had to learn to provide better code, and they are still learning.

Having a lot of ram installed does not mean actually having a need for it. But one thing will be for sure - someone will pay for it.
At last it´s the horribly bad coding of many programmers wasting lots of resources that calls for faster cpus, more ram, higher data throughput etc.
Having more ram would only invite those to waste more resources.

There are nearly no reports here in this forum that whatsapp is crashing.
Maybe no one else beside you is using whatsapp or for others it simply works hardly causing troubles on the FP2.
I am afraid the 2GB ram limit is not the real cause here. Maybe the instagram app is just as buggy as the facebook app, who knows…

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Thanks very much for this

Speaking to my SO he agreed and had me searching loads more on android app crashes. And bad code seems very likely. But also realised I’m not on the latest version of Instagram… Completely forgot about that. It might be something else very specific to my phone or usage or other app that’s causing the crashing too, so looks like I’ll do a factory reset and hope for the best!

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