Memory Upgrade available?

I’m using Fairphone 3 for one year now. Everything is ok but memory could be larger. Is there a way to upgrade vom 64 GB to 128 GB?

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The short answer is: no.

You can add an SD card. But if you do, when asked, set it up as external storage, not internal to avoid many problems.


Thanks @Ingo . A year ago I alread knew that 64 GB will be to less memory. I’ve seen that some components (like camera) can be upgraded. That’s why I had the hope to replace (only) the maindboard one day to bring my fairphone up to date to my memory requirements. Not throwing away the complete phone. That’s why I would agree to invest in a more expensive phone.
With this experience in mind my next phone will be an other one again. It is much more expensive in short term, but I can use it years later with only a little loss of performance. So in the long term view (in my oppinion) it’s cheaper and (due to the long usage time) better for our envirment.

Out of curiosity, for which application 64GB are not enough memory?

Maybe the 64GB also holds all the media files as no SD card is mentioned

This easy solution was already mentioned, therefore I asked which application does need the memory :wink:.


@Incanus it’s just the sum of all the apps. The media files are on the SD card.

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Thank you. Then you need to clean up a little bit :wink:.

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Some apps can be moved to the SD card, by the way is it formatted at external/portable

Maybe you can remove the cache etc. from some apps if you haven’t already done so.

@amoun I know all theses workarounds (and I’m using it) but the answer “clean up” for me sounds a little bit like “format c: and you have some extra space on disk”.
Many apps I use rarely, but when I need the I don’t want to install them every time. And other apps consume a lot of memory without a chance to move data to sd.
But that’s not the point: I would like to upgrade my phone instead of buying an new one. That’s my idea of sustainability.

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But upgrading the core module would render a big part of the phone as unusable left over. So that’s not very sustainable either.

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