Media Volume Synchronisation

Hi, it is a minor issue but I realized that on my new Fairphone 3 the media volume (Level) is synchronizing between the phone and my Bluetooth headphones.

Reading into it, I see some people prefer to adjust the phone volume via the headphones (sync) while others don’t. I belong to the later group because with the currect Setting (sync), I have lesser increments and can’t fine tune the sound level. It’s either a bit too loud or a bit to quiet.

Would it be possible to implement a switch for media volume sync so that the user can decide as in the Samsung S8?

Thank you very much!

Found a way to achieve my Goal :slight_smile:

In the developer options one can click “maximum volume deactivate” (or something like this). In German this option is named “Maximallautstärke deaktivieren”.


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