Media volume automatically go to full

Every 10 to 15 seconds my media audio will go to full. It doesn’t gradually increase, just jumps to full. Nothing I change stops this from happening no matter what I do or don’t do. Makes the phone mostly useless at this point. hope someone can help me. Everything is updated to latest version.

Are you using a SD-card?
If yes, did you format it as internal storage ore portable?

No SD card in the phone

Can you specify the media your are listening when it happens and/or which App you use for those media?

It’s regardless of media playing or not. I can be on the settlings watching the audio levels and suddenly it pops to max. But my normal media usage is YouTube and twitch, also at times Spotify

I would check in safe mode to exclude tjird party apps.
How to run in safe mode, see here dic:safemode

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thank you, I will try that out, if its an app that is doing it that would be a relief.

Seems it was the app Sleep as Android that caused this behavior.

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well they got back to me fast and have this to say, so might be that this is all down to me not doing things right :stuck_out_tongue:

Developer response:

Hello , are you using sonar as your tracking sensor? The sonar uses the media stream at full volume (the app warns you about this on the tracking screen). If you need to use media before going to bed, either start the tracking after you are finished, or enable tracking start delay in Settings → Sleep tracking → Awake detection.