Media controls on lockscreen not working since Android 13 upgrade

Since android 13 update on the lockscreen the media controls for my podcast app, spotify and vlc seem temperamental as often it seems to take 5 presses before it responds with either the play or pause button after it has been left for a while. When the play button responds after it has paused the lockscreen shows it is playing but it isnt playing as when I go back into the podcast app or spotify it shows the track paused so I have to press play again.

Anybody else have this issue?

My AntennaPod controls seem to work within the expected margins as I just tried. To be fair: I don’t really usually use them, so no long-term experience here…

Thanks, that is the same app I use, it seems as if it is more to do with the controls almost going to sleep after a while, the media controls from the lockscreen disappear after a while if not used as well but this is probably by design I am guessing.

Well, there is this bug report for AntennaPod which seems to fit your description. Maybe have a read over there.

Thank you, that definitely sounds like the same problem. I also get it with Spotify and VLC as well so I guess it is an android 13 issue but would have thought Spotify would have addressed it quickly as it would be affecting more users.

There might be two different issues actually, the resuming playback issue with AntennaPod and then the lack of response from the phone, which I think is due to Fairphone trying to resolve the ghost touch issue (That I never had) that affects Spotify as it seems Spotify does resume from the lockscreen although I might have to push the screen a few times.

You have most likely the Batteryusage
set to optimized and Antennapod seem to be more sensitive to this setting than e.g. Spotify.

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Thanks, I will try changing it and see if it helps.

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